The Struggle is Real with Justin Peters

Justin Talks About How the Show Got Started, Guest Selection, His Career, and More | E65 Andrew Biernat

June 20, 2022

I have something different for you today. This is a replay from my good friend Andrew Biernat’s show: Your Personal Growth, Personal Brand Podcast.


Andrew asked me a lot of great questions about The Struggle is Real including how the show got started, how I go about selecting topics and guests, and the one person who really influences my conversations.


Of course, it is hard for me to take my podcaster hat off. I turned the tables and asked Andrew a few questions as well. One thread in particular is a story about the dark side of personal growth.


We also conclude with a great conversation about some of our career missteps and how we’ve both used our podcasts to explore business adventures.


Show Notes:

[1:09] How The Struggle is Real (TSIR) got started

[3:49] Interesting guests on TSIR recently and how we select topics

[7:12] The dark side of personal growth

[13:27] The journey of building TSIR

[19:34] Using TSIR as my personal development plan

[30:23] The 1 person that influences TSIR the most

[33.:56] How Justin and Andrew’s business adventures lead to career relief



Tools of Titan by Tim Ferriss

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

Atomic Habits by James Clear


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