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15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shares How He is Fighting Back Against Conformity | E52 Benjamin Wong

January 3, 2022

Imagine you’re 9-year-old and you want the new, hottest toy, what would you do? Would you ask your parents for the money, or maybe spend your birthday money to buy it? My guess is very few of our 9-year-old selves would have created a business to raise the funds.


I also wouldn’t have convinced my parents to change me to homeschooling so I could have more time to focus on my business, but today’s guest did just that.


Joining me on the show today is 15-year-old entrepreneur, Benjamin Wong. Benjamin is the Founder of Kid CEO Media, a youth-run communications company dedicated to uplifting young entreprepreneurs. His seminal projects are the Kid CEO Podcast and a virtual summit he hosted for kidpreneurs to meet and learn from peers.


Once again, doing all of this while battling pressures of being a teenager. I hope you walk away from this conversation with the energy to fight back from the conformity that is squashing your most thrilling dreams.


We’ll also discuss how to build your own community, the importance of staying open-minded, and what Web 3.0 can do for creators.


Show Notes:

[1:38] How a funko pop desire turned into a business

[8:28] What sparked 11-year-old Ben to learn about investing 

[15:05] Fighting against conformity  

[17:30] Creating and building your own community 

[25:04] Staying open-minded to learn something new

[33:31] What Web 3.0 can do for creators 

[44:29] Why the future is the best part


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